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The Downfall of Getting Your Eyebrows Microbladed

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I was really interested in getting my eyebrows microbladed, so I started looking into the procedure and what the aftercare would look like. When I discovered that you couldn't get your eyebrows wet for nearly two weeks, I was shocked! I searched for ways to protect my eyebrows from getting wet while washing my hair, and found that women all over the world were asking the same exact questions as me. But, there didn't seem to be a readily available product that was both comfortable and safe to solve this common problem. So, I decided to create one.

Introducing, Brow Patrol. Our Eyebrow Shield is your go-to for keeping your eyebrows and eyelashes dry while you shower. Available in a handy pack of 12, with free shipping, of course.

How to Make Microblading Last Longer

"I recommend Brow Patrol to all of my microblading clients, it keeps the pigment from fading too quickly by getting wet, and it's the only product that allows you to wash your hair properly."

Jennifer Arujo

How to Shower Without Getting Eyebrows Wet

"My makeup artist told me she used these to keep her eyebrows dry in the shower after getting microblading. I tried them and it's a simple fix to an annoying problem!"

Amanda Lee

The Eyebrow Shields come in a convenient zip pouch, and are super easy to use. To apply, remove the adhesive backing, and press the Eyebrow Shield against your forehead, from temple to temple. When you're finished, simply pull the shield from your skin slowly, and voilà!

Save Your Brows

Curious what the healing process is like during the weeks after getting your brows done? We've created this FREE microblading aftercare dry healing tip sheet for you. 🙌

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