About Brow Patrol

I was really interested in getting my eyebrows microbladed, so I started looking into the procedure and what the aftercare would look like. When I discovered that you couldn't get your eyebrows wet for nearly two weeks, I was shocked! I searched for ways to protect my eyebrows from getting wet while washing my hair, and found that women all over the world were asking the same exact questions as me.

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Girls were wearing shower caps (but they couldn't wash their hair), wrapping saran wrap around their eyebrows (that doesn't sound safe in the shower lol) and trying to cover just their brows with a washcloth while struggling to soap up. There just didn't seem to be a readily available product that was both comfortable and safe to solve this common problem.

So, I decided to create one.

Introducing the Brow Patrol Eyebrow Shield, your go-to for keeping your microbladed eyebrows and eyelash extensions dry while you shower. Available in a handy pack of 12, with free shipping of course.

Don't forget to pick up a second pack for your touch up session, if you order two now you'll save 10%. Buy Brow Patrol Now!