Eyebrow Lamination for a Natural Look

At the age of 32 I finally figured out the best morning beauty routine for myself that's quick and easy. You see, I like to look put together but I also don't enjoy wasting time primping in the bathroom for the people I pass on the sidewalk while walking to get coffee each morning. I don't think they'll remember me in 5 days let alone 5 hours, so I don't need to be in full glam, you know what I mean?

There's one thing that makes or breaks this look for me though and it fully depends on if I have had my eyebrows laminated or not. Seriously. If they aren't fluffy and beautiful and can be brushed into perfection then gently held in place by a clear mascara I DON'T WANT IT. That was a little aggressive but in reality fluffy brows really make a difference in whether or not I like how I look without filling in my brows.

It should be noted though that when I get my eyebrows done I skip the tinting part because I don't really trust that my skin won't get dyed and end up looking patchy and blurry like the lady who does my brows? Maybe it's something I should try one day but for now I am satisfied with skipping it and occasionally filling in my brows.

After having my brows laminated and they look absolutely crazy and are glued to my face for an extended period of time, I use our Eyebrow Shields to keep my eyebrows dry when I take a shower. I once asked the salon if I could brush the hairs so they didn't look so wild and they gave me a swift NO. Then I went to a business lunch and sort of looked like an evil villain for a bit. No big deal.

Anyways, here's what my morning routine looks like and sometimes I just like it a little more because my eyebrows have been freshly laminated.

My morning routine for a natural look:

  1. Rinse face with water so my dry sponge of a face soaks it up.
  2. Toner, because someone said it's good for me.
  3. Vitamin C Serum. I want to look 13 forever!
  4. SPF in an attempt to counteract years of tanning beds.
  5. Moisturizer around eyes to wake the heck up.
  6. Brush eyebrows in an upward stroke. It makes a huge difference!
  7. Blush cheeks in an upward motion and on tip of nose (but not like Rudolph).
  8. Highlight the brim of the nose and just under the brows, because youth.
  9. Lip gloss for pouty hydrated kissable lips.
  10. Perfume which is mostly just for my own mental health.

It might sound like a lot but let me tell you, this 10 step program can be applied in under 5 minutes and you'll be out the door. If you're gasping for air because I skipped applying mascara it's because I typically have my eyelashes lifted and tinted and that's gonna be a whole other blog post because I live for that as well.

Hope this helps, give it a try one of these days and let me know how it goes for you.