Are Full Eyebrows in Style for 2022?

While the trends of the 1990's and early 2000's are rearing their ugly heads, you won't be seeing pencil thin eyebrows anytime soon. The soft and fluffy eyebrow trend will continue as seen on model Lily Collins and Pop Star Dua Lipa. The goal is to achieve a natural gently sculpted brow look, but we all know that takes a little bit of work.

Step number one is probably to cancel that eyebrow appointment, hide your tweezers, and instead opt for the grown out look you've been battling against your entire adult life.

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

I've been a huge fan of eyebrow lamination lately. There's something about that brushed up look that feels youthful and fresh, and allows me to simply brush my eyebrows and go that I really love.

Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time.

Currently I have been getting my eyebrows laminated and my eyelashes tinted and lifted, it makes a world of difference! I love how natural the result is, and I tend to skip the mascara when my eyelashes have been tinted and lifted. They don't seem to need the mascara when they're so perfect like that.

How to Style Eyebrows

I am happy to keep a natural fluffy brow look, but sometimes I opt for a sweep of brow powder along the lower line of my eyebrow. Since my hair is blonde it gives it a more put together look I think.

I apply the brow powder line to the bottom, then go through with a clear eyebrow gel. If you run the gel brush thoroughly through the eyebrow (sometimes called backbrushing or backcombing) you get more coverage with the product and a firmer hold. This keeps my eyebrows looking fresh all day long, but I do keep a brush with me to touch up throughout the day just in case.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and found that your one eyebrow is pointing to the moon, and the other down at the ground? It's not a good look, and a simple brush here and there can help tame those stray hairs.

I'm happy to report that bushy eyebrows are on trend for 2022, so let your brows grow girl!


- C